Used Welding Equipment

From time-to-time, we have older used equipment here at the plant that we will sell you and remanufacture to your specifications.  If a new welder or machine is not in your future plans or budget, consider remanufacture and conversion of your existing equipment or a used machine from us.  These machines could be really rough or look almost new.  Whatever condition they are in, with mechanical upgrades and technological advances, these older welders can perform better than when new. It is very common for corrosion, abrasion and wear from time to occur on your welding equipment. These setbacks can really hold back the performance of your welders. Automation International has the capabilities to get your machines back to pristine and working condition.  Click to see a rebuilt machine running.

Automation International Offers:

  • Complete mechanical remanufacture
  • Electronic/computer additions
  • Conversions to hydraulic
  • Conversions to DC (direct current)
  • Conversions for aluminum welding
  • Tooling modifications
  • On-site technical evaluation and service
  • Full warranty on all work

The following equipment list represents used welders and welding equipment in stock in either working or non-working operation. Automation International Inc. can offer the equipment in its present condition or rebuild to customer specifications with a full upgrade/retrofit.

Our stock is always changing, if you don’t see the machine you are looking for, please check back soon or contact us.

Please Contact Automation International, Inc. or press the “Request for Quote Button” below for additional information or for specifications. Photo’s are available upon request.

Base Material Welding Specification – Steel – C1008-C-1015 –

Thickness Range –

Minimum – .080 inch (2mm)
Maximum – .220 inch (5.5mm)

Material Width Range  –

Minimum – 5.5 inch
Maximum – 12.5 inch

Wheel Diameter Range –

Minimum – 14 inch

Warranty:  This Remanufactured 600KVA AC Flash Butt Welder carries a New A.I.I. Machine Warranty and is available for immediate delivery.

For more specifications, information and price on this product, please contact the Sales Department at (217) 446-9500 or by clicking the Request a Quote Button.

A complete list of used equipment is coming soon. Contact us for your needs today.