Resistance Welding Transformers

Automation International designs and builds new resistance welding transformers. The transformers range in designs from single-phase AC, three-phase DC, and MFDC power supplies.

Automation International also provides rebuilds, remanufacturing and repairs on all welding transformers. Transformers are completely disassembled and inspected for damage before the repair process begins. Upon completion of the repair, welding transformers are fully tested to ensure proper operation.

  • Emergency, quick turnaround repairs.
  • Full “new” warranty on work performed.
  • Engineering staff to determine the best rebuild approach on damaged transformers.
  • On-site inspection by qualified technicians.
  • Power data engineering services.

Design & Manufacturing

Our water-cooled welding transformers are designed to deliver power at high efficiency with low impedance. Energy loss is minimized by the use of stacked silicon steel cores. Secondaries are cast of highest quality copper with non-corrosive copper water-cooling tubes brazed or cast to the outer edges of the secondary sections. This eliminates excessive rise in temperature under continuous demanding service. Primary coils are wound of copper ribbon insulated between turns and double wrapped. The coils are dipped in a moisture-, heat-, and oil-resistant varnish and then baked. That process is repeated twice for optimum effect. When finished, the entire transformer assembly is also dipped and baked in the same varnish solution.

Transformer Options

Various voltages and frequencies are available to meet global market requirements.