Replacement Parts

We have a comprehensive in-house replacement parts department for your equipment spares or quick turn-around needs. Automation International, Inc. (Aii) is dedicated to supporting the needs of our customers.

Replacement parts and on-shelf spares are available from Aii for all of the machinery and equipment designed and built by Automation International including the following companies:

  • Berkeley-Davis Inc. All equipment (McKay Wheel Lines, Wean United Wheel Lines)
  • Federal Welder and Machine Company.  All equipment
  • Swift-Ohio Machinery Co. All wheel and resistance welding/manufacturing related equipment.
  • Hess Industries all wheel manufacturing equipment, wheel lines, stand-alone machines, spinners.
  • Kieserling- Albrecht ( Europe ) All Wheel Rim Equipment and Parts.
  • Blohm and Voss ( OEW ) Flash/Butt Welders.
  • Schlatter Welders –  Wheel Welders.
  • A.I. Welders, LTD, UK C-Lap Seam Welders, Automatic Flash Welding Machines, Wheel Rim and Ring Welding Machines, Welding Machines for Anode Bracket Manufacture and Repair, Light Duty Flash Welding Machines, Friction Welding Machines and High-Speed Narrow Strip Welding Machines.
  • Ohio Machine Company – Tire Molds, Segments, Tread Lugs, Guide Rods, Spring Rods, Mold Repairs/Retrofits, Matrix Inserts, Sidewall Rings.


Replacement documentation such as operating and service / maintenance manuals can be made available at a cost for most equipment. These manuals will follow the original machine operation as manufactured. For older equipment, the original documentation may not be available or no longer pertinent to that equipment due to extensive third party modifications.

Automation International Inc. has a majority of design drawings and supporting documents and records for the above listed companies. We have a service parts equipment staff and dedicated engineers, to guide you through your needs.

To help you determine the part(s) for your equipment, have the description, model number and serial number of the equipment ready. The model and serial number of the equipment is generally located on the main frame of the machine regardless of the brand above. Ancillary equipment supporting the main equipment may have a separate model and serial number. Photographs are helpful when e-mailing your request.

Our staff can help you through the process of getting the spare parts that you require.  We can also put you in touch with our Sales Engineers for more extensive rebuilding, retrofitting or upgrading your equipment.   Our team can design and build you the most up-to-date equipment for your specific needs.